National Hole-In-One Million Dollar Shootouts Attract More Participants

Select A Shootout Contest

1Select A Shootout Contest

We have million dollar shootout experts standing by to assist you in selecting the perfect million dollar shootout for your tournament or charity.

2Pick Your Par 3 for the Shootout

Pick a par 3 hole for the million dollar shootout contest, the shootout begins after the tournament has been completed by all tournament goers.

Pick Your Par 3 for the Shootout
Choose Your Coverage Package

3Choose Your Coverage Package

Once you select a million dollar shootout coverage package, you will receive custom golf signs to better inform the contestants and highlight your sponsors.

There’s Nothing Like a NHIO Million Dollar Shootout

The excitement and word-of-mouth value of offering a million dollar grand prize makes this event a highly visible and memorable way to raise money for charity as well as generate great publicity and exposure for sponsors.

Any golfer who makes a hole in one as well as daily closest-to-the-pin winners advance to the final $1,000,000 hole-in-one competition.

How Our Big Million Dollar Shootouts Work

  • Several hitting locations are set-up on the driving range with a designated target hole for qualifying to the Final Round.
  • For a few days, special golf balls are sold to competing golfers for $1-$5 or more each. (The more qualifying days you have, the more revenue your shootout can earn)
  • Any golfer who makes a hole-in-one during the qualifying rounds will land a spot in the final million dollar shootout.
  • Either one or several ‘closest-to-the-pin’ winners will advance to the final million dollar shootout competition.
  • At the end of qualifications, the finalists will gather to shoot for the Million Dollar Grand Prize at a designated par 3 hole and when a lucky golfer makes the perfect shot, we’re the one’s that pay!

NHIO offers two comprehensive “how to” type procedure manuals outlining a step-by-step approach to running either a successful golf tournament or managing a golf million dollar shootout.

  • How To Produce A Successful Golf Tournament Manual – $39.00 plus shipping.
  • Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout Operations Manual – $69.00 plus shipping.

Golf charity fundraisers receive much-needed funds with our shootouts and celebrity appearances. Families and golfers have fun creating long lasting memories competing for a MILLION DOLLARS!

For your own no-obligation Million Dollar Shootout quote, Call Us Today!

To order please call Monica Roth at 1-800-527-6944 extension 4520.

Shootout Contest Add-Ons

Looking for a BIG prize with little cost? Then choose two Amateurs who were closest to the pin or randomly and offer both a chance to WIN $100,000 cash from 165 yards! We like building excitement by making your event memorable.

Million Dollar Shootout Events

NHIO pioneered the most exciting golf fundraising opportunity in the world of golf! It is primarily used for charities and nonprofit groups but in recent years, has been gaining popularity in corporate events as well.