Wow, I am still getting used to the “new” PGA Tour schedule, as the season is already underway.  This is normally the time of year that we have the “Funny Money” special events, and some players even take a few weeks off.  Not so much with the new alignment.

My annual PGA predictions are normally written the first week of January as the traditional Tour would begin.  Here it is early November, and it’s time to put my thoughts (guesses) down for what I think will happen.

PGA Picks For New 2014 Golf Season

First and foremost, I am not yet sold on the new calendar.  As a more traditional (older) golfer, I think that the 2014 PGA Tour season should begin in, well… 2014.  It will be interesting to get the players’ thoughts and reactions as it unfolds.  Players already have to think through the year and arrange a schedule that fits; this truly changes the dynamics with FedEx Cup points, official money, and exemptions being tallied.  It may be that a few players take advantage of somewhat “softer” fields, and will get a pretty good jump on those golfers that elect to start their season in a more conventional manner.

My first thought is that we will see a huge advance and number of victories from the Asian players.  As most avid golfers are aware, the LPGA has been somewhat dominated for the past few years by Asian winners, and I see a similar pattern in the upcoming year on the men’s side.  The game has truly gone global, and it is refreshing to see all of the great, young talent.

With regard to the overall schedule, I have a feeling that we will see some veterans hoist trophies, primarily in the majors.  I just think the venue schedule this year favors some of our “old” favorites, but will also bring about several first time winners, as depth of field and talent just proves how good these guys are.

This is where it gets tough.  My major event predictions have not been too good for the last two years.  Seems like I hit one of them each year, but fall short on the other three.  Looking for a better result this year, and while a couple of the picks are a bit sentimental, I think they are solid.

Let’s start with the first major of the year, The Masters.  Major fever starts on April 10, (2014) and this one is a no brainer.  Tiger Woods will put the green jacket on once again, and invoke more discussion about his quest to catch Jack.

Pinehurst #2 will host the US Open the week of June 12-15.  This pick is one of the sentimental mentioned, but I think will hold true.  Phil Mickelson wins it by a comfortable margin.

Now, it’s across the water to the Open Championship (the British Open for most of us here).  Adam Scott will hold the Claret Jug high over his head in a tough finish. (I think Tiger will contend at this one).

The final major of the year will be the PGA Championship at Valhalla in Louisville, KY.  This one is another one of my sentiment picks, but also a viable prediction.  With no penalties imposed, Dustin Johnson makes amends for grounding a club in an area he did not know was a hazard, and wins by a bunch.

My final thoughts on the year are that Tiger will not win five events like last season, but will have multiple victories, including at least one major.  I think Tiger will again win the money title, but see Adam Scott with an incredible year, including winning the FedEx Cup title at the end of the season.

That’s it and hoping that the New Year brings us as much excitement in the world of PGA Tour golf as this past season did.

Hit  ‘em Straight,

Mancil Davis


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