Don't lose all your hard work to weather

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1Choose A Package

What are you up against? Are you facing rain, lightning, flooding, or even snow? Tell us what concerns you have in regards to your event and we will come up with a coverage plan.

2Safe & Secure

Call us right now and our tournament consultants will help you get your coverage set up so no matter what happens you are safe.

Safe & Secure

Unfortunately, golf tournaments and other events can get rained out, causing grief and hardship for event organizers. Why? Rain outs and cancellations cause a substantial loss of non-refundable deposits with additional expenses like refundable entry fees and not to mention the loss of the much needed revenue for charitable causes.

As a valued member of National Hole-In-One, we are pleased to offer you and your event protection from the costs of cancellation due to rain, wind, lighting, snow, temperature or other weather events.

Event Cancellation Weather Insurance

Worried that all you’re hard work could go down the drain? We can help! Event Cancellation Insurance can be written to fit your own personal needs and event, just ask us how.

Non-Appearance Coverage

Do you have headliners or a speaker that might not show for your special event? Our Non-Appearance Insurance will give you peace of mind.

Film Shoot Coverage

For those that are dealing with problems like not enough sun, too many clouds, too much wind, we also offer Film Shoot Coverage. Whatever you may need, we can cover it.

Weather Conditional Rebate Programs

Need to ramp up your sales, create more ‘buzz’ or move more product? We will help you if the temperature breaks 100 degrees on the Fourth of July, and rains a set amount on Labor Day or snows on Christmas.

Your customers’ purchases are free! Your options are endless. We will work to provide for the best program for you and your customers.

Do you have a Special Sporting Conditional Rebate Contest in mind?

To name just a few: The Cubs win the world series, pick the top NASCAR finishers of a race, if a team runs back the opening kick of Super bowl, or pick the top 5 running horses in order for the Kentucky derby. If you need help with a great sales program for your area, call us and we can help!

For more information on Weather Insurance overage and pricing, please call Steven Ray 1-877-368-2221, e-mail: