Capture the attention of your entire market with Big Money listener promotions from American Media & Special Promotions (AMSP)! AMSP offers promotional programs which have proven to increase ratings, build TSL, and generate listener excitement. When you have a winner - AMSP pays for the prize!

The Birthday GameSM

Announce a lucky month on the air, and take the 10th caller born in that month. If the caller's birthday matches the winning day and year - they win Big Money! Award bonus prizes to listeners who match the winning month and day.

Prize VaultSM

AMSP provides a portable plexi-glass safe locked up with $1,000,000! Listeners enter their lucky combination guess into the digital keypad on the Prize Vault. If they "Crack the Safe" - they win the cash!

Born to WinSM

The lucky caller attempts to match the last 4 digits of their social security number to the predetermined winning number. If a lucky listener has an exact match, they were born to win $1,000,000!

Dollar Bill Game

The lucky caller attempts to match the last 6 digits of their dollar bill to the predetermined winning number.  If any listener has the correct dollar bill, they win the Grand Prize!

Million Dollar Music PayoffSM

Invite lucky listeners to your VIP listener party or event. Each listener will rank their favorite 8 songs on the station's playlist. If any listener creates the winning playlist in correct order - they win the grand prize!

Guess the Dow for DoughSM

Each morning, invite a listener to guess how much the Dow Jones Industrial Average will rise or fall that day. By 4:00 p.m., you'll know if somebody has guessed the Dow for $1,000,000!

Play It Again Lotto

Encourage listeners to hold onto their lottery tickets for one last chance to win BIG money! The day after lottery numbers have been announced, have listeners tune in for the chance to win up to $1,000,000. On-air, announce the new winning lottery numbers (provided in a sealed envelope from American Media & Special Promotions). Listeners will have 15 minutes to call in and claim their prize. If their non-winning lottery ticket numbers match the numbers in the sealed prize envelope, that lucky listener hits the JACKPOT!

Limited Only By Your Imagination!

American Media & Special Promotions can customize an existing contest or create a brand new promotion to tie in with any event or theme. So let your imagination go to work! If you have an idea let us transform it into a contest just for you!

We also offer a variety of radio & media promotions for sports, weather, seasonal and themed events!