Custom Fit a Putting Contest for your event

Choose a Contest

1Choose a Contest

Determine the type of contest you want to have. A putt combination is a contest where the contestant must successfully make the specified putts in a series (A three putt combination for instance might include 10, 40 and 60ft putts. The contestant must make all three putts in one attempt in order) or an elimination contest where one person is selected to take the one final putt for the prize.

2Select a Prize to Offer

Determine the prize you want to offer. Anything your golfers will dream of winning; travel, cars or cash.

Select a Prize to Offer
Select Number of Players

3Select Number of Players

Determine how many contestants are going to compete and call us for a quote. Fast, free and no obligation.

The closer you are the easier it is to get the ball in the hole. Putting contests create great excitement as every contestant dreams of winning the prize. These putting contests can be held indoors or outdoors and they are easy on your pocketbook.

Putting Combinations

Putting Combinations are very useful when you want to allow a large number of contestants into the actual prize round. For example, a Four Putt Combo from 10, 20, 40 and 60 ft for 100 players is as low as $320.  To win a $10,000 prize a contestant must successfully make in one attempt a 10ft putt, a 20ft putt, a 40ft putt and a 60ft putt. When any putt in the series is missed that contestant’s chance is over.

Elimination Contest

A finals putt where only one contestant gets into the prize round. That contestant has a single putt at the prize after qualification of the finalist is complete. This type of contest allows you maximum flexibility in qualifying. You can select your contestant through a raffle or through a qualifying contest made up of any number of putts so long as they are shorter in distance and at a different direction than the ultimate prize putt.  For instance, a single putt at a prize from 60ft for a $10,000 prize can be as low as $482.

More than Just a Putting Contest

National Hole-In-One will help you find the perfect putting contest to fits your tournament or event needs. Call our Golf Event Specialists today to discuss your options.