Hole in One Insurance Overview

No golf tournament is complete without the excitement of a hole in one contest! Hole In One Prize Insurance allows organizers to provide golfers the chance to win big prizes, should they make an ace on one of the designated holes, we take all the risk.  Hole in One contests are also an excellent opportunity to sell the Hole In One promotion as a sponsorship opportunity to help cover costs and raise money.

See how a hole in one contest and prize insurance can work for you and why American Hole ‘n One is the leading provider of Hole in One insurance nationwide.

Bonus Prize Signage

Hole In One Contest Insurance

How It Works:

  1. Provide the number of golfers that will participate in your tournament.
  2. Select the par 3 hole(s) and yardage for the main prize hole in one.
  3. Determine the cash value of your main prize.
  4. Your prize is insured, and your hole in one sign sponsorship package will be delivered to the golf course or other preferred address.

What’s Included?

  • Main Prize Sign
  • Up to 5 additional double-sided, Bonus  Prize signs for additional par 3 holes
  • Direct shipping of signage & supplies
  • Bonus prizes that create excitement that  every golfer will love


What Are The Hole In One Insurance Prize Rates?

American Hole ‘n One offers all-inclusive Hole In One Prize Insurance packages. Hole in one insurance rates vary mostly based on 3 key factors: number of eligible players, distance of the shot (in yards), and the cash value of your main hole in one prize. Need more information about our Hole In One Prize Insurance? Call (800) 822-2257 to speak with a Golf Excitement Specialist now!