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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

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Best Golfing Bloopers

The bloopers reel is often the funniest part of any TV show or moviebut bloopers featuring our favorite sport? Even better. Especially when, in some cases, theyre more like epic fails. We’re bringing you the funniest, how-does-that-even-happen golf bloopers we could find.  

+From newbies to long-time professional golfers, everyone makes mistakes. Some bigger than othersOn the bright side, the bigger the blooper, the funnier it is for spectators! Whether these bloopers happened because of bad luck, bad decisions, or both, it’s always good entertainment for us. At least they know how to laugh at themselves (most of the time)! 

Take a look at this first video. There’s nothing like an old-fashioned, home-made movie. Even though most of us aren’t carrying around camcorders anymore, we sure are glad these were caught on tape either way. These amateurs might have known what they were getting themselves into, either that, or maybe they just didn’t care. We’ll let you decide.  


The classic swing-and-a-miss moves were totally on purpose, right? Some were funny and some hurt us just from watching. It always seems like the person recording has way more fun than the star of the show. At least they didn’t have a multi-million-dollar purse at stake. 

For these professionals, they weren’t so lucky. These bloopers weren’t only captured on TV, but big money was on the line! These moments tested their nerves, their temperaments, and their clubs. 

See for yourself why sometimes, “golf is hard.”  

No one ever said golf is an easy sport, but catching a break was apparently too much to ask for!  

Professional golfers always have a lot at stake. The pressure to perform, especially at big tournaments, is at an all-time high. From missing easy putts on the putting green to messing up early at the tee, just one slip up is costly. Unfortunately, we know from personal experience. 

The crowds are usually well behaved, and the players are, well, sometimes well behaved. Still, the players aren’t the only ones causing a scene. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid blooper. In this case, no perfect swing, positioning, or training could keep mother nature from stepping in. These next bloopers are thanks to some unexpected guests. 

At least these little, and not so little, critters brought a good laugh and a smile to most. Moments like these can feel heaven sentlike a breath of fresh air to release built up stress and tension. 

Tantrums are another story, though. While they’re not bloopers, they are amusing. When there isn’t a bird or an alligator around to steal the show, sometimes the stress and tension showcase in other ways. We just couldn’t resist including these honorable mentions. 

A lot has happened in the world of golf since that video was created. Do you have a favorite blooper, fail, or tantrum that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you! 

Do you have bloopers or funny video clips of your own? Share them with us! Share our post to your social and tell us about a time you broke a club, slipped on the course, or encountered an animal! 

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