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Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions
Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

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Golf Mental Game Tips

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Golf can be one of the more relaxing things to do during your free time, while also being one of the more enjoyable times spent away from work. Some days on the course, you just don't have it. Your shot is off, your swing doesn't look pretty, or your mind just simply isn't in the game. Let's go through some ways to work on that game of yours and limit those off days on the course while maintaining a positive golf mindset.

Take Notes While You Play

It will never be a bad idea to take notes on the positives and negatives from your game. Write down everything you can that was memorable from that day, focus on the positives and try to remember what and how things went wrong. Keep implementing the positives from the day in your game while weeding out the negatives. Writing it all down helps the brain's thinking patterns, and will retain more information by doing so.


Play Your Game and Style

The best way to play through your negatives is by playing your game. Also, it never hurts that playing golf can keep you active and always thinking. Crafting your golf game will also keep your mind staying positive. The mind loves actively thinking and improving at a craft, and it will be no different with golf. 


Watch and Learn From the Professionals

Watching the professionals can be very beneficial to somebody trying to pick up on smaller things for their golf game. Some things you can watch for are what clubs they use in certain situations and how they approach each shot.

Another cool feature to watch for during some bigger tournaments is when they put a microphone on a few players so the audience can hear what the golfer and caddie are discussing before a critical shot. (Find example of Pro mic'd up and insert link here)


Keep a Positive Golf Mindset

If you are going into a day of golf with a negative mindset, the results might not be in your favor. Staying positive in spite of short comings, will put your golf mindset in a better place and position yourself better for a rebound on the course. Hitting a bad drive or hitting into the bunker can start making you feel pretty discouraged to say the least. Focusing on what you did well will only make you better next time you step out on the course.

These are just a few ways to keep a positive mindset to help you play your best golf game yet!

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