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Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions
Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Are you a tournament director, event sponsor, or golf course representative looking to take your golf events to the next level? In the world…

What is a Bonus Prize?

You may have heard us talk about bonus prizes recently, especially considering our newest packages have the best bonus prizes in the industry (not a humble brag, we’re proud of it and openly bragging to everyone!). However, we realize that not everyone exists in our world and the words “bonus prizes” may not fit into your vernacular. So we are here to lay it all out for you. 


18_Standard_TeeOffWhat is a bonus prize? Typically, a golf tournament will have a grand prize on one par three hole and, if you shoot a hole in one during the contest, you win that prize. These prizes earn their “grand prize” status because they are typically a new car, a $10,000 check or something in that range. Bonus prizes are the prizes on the other par three holes – the ones without the grand prize that still give you the chance to go home with something worth bragging about.


Some examples of bonus prizes are – a $1,000 Yeti gift pack (see how happy “Bob” is with his gift last year?) or a set of brand-new Cobra F8 Irons with GPS in the clubs or a golf vacation to a premium course, you get the idea.Yeti Winner AHNO


Now, if you’re a player you’re probably thinking, “sign me up! I want multiple chances to win!”. But if you’re a tournament director you’re thinking “sounds good but how much are we talking here?” That’s the best part – all of these bonus prizes come as part of your hole in one contract. Really, no catch.


Do most companies have bonus prizes? Yeah, several of them do. The difference is that we work with the best partners in the business to give our customers more for their money. Not only do we have the best packages in the industry, but we are the best value. Don’t believe me? What if I told you we have a price match guarantee? Because, we do.


I know our mom’s always told us to be humble and never to brag but that just isn’t possible here. Need more proof? Click here to check out the current 2019 line up of bonus prizes or sign up below to be alerted when we sign any new bonus prize partners and for our 2019 tournament kit featuring out bonus prizes, sponsor options, discounts and more. Fill out our online contact form today!

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