Baseball Promotions and Contest Coverage

Looking for a way to spice up your next baseball game and drive in a larger audience? We can help your marketing promotions increase attendance, boost sales, and gain brand exposure!


American Hole ‘n One and Grand Prize Promotions provide insured baseball contest coverage, so you can create a successful contest that creates excitement. Offer your fans a chance to win, while keeping them engaged and wanting more. Prizes can vary based on your unique needs and include things like vacations for two, cash prizes, and even a brand-new car! Your prize package can be totally customized to fit your budget and.


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Insured promotion examples:


Set up a sponsor target along the outfield wall with a hole. If a player on the home team hits a home run through the “knothole,” your lucky fan scores the grand prize! This is a great way to draw in sponsors, as well as an audience.


Designate one occurrence for each inning of a game. Example: 1st Inning – Triple Play, 2nd Inning – Strike Out the Side, 3rd Inning – Home Run Off the Foul Pole, etc. If the specific event occurs in the designated inning, a lucky fan scores big!


If a home team player hits a home run off one of the foul poles, you have a grand prize winner of your baseball promotion!


A summer time favorite! Invite fans and their dogs down to the field following a game. Have 100 numbered tennis balls in the outfield. The first dog to bring back a numbered ball to their owner is your finalist. If the numbered tennis ball matches the predetermined number provided, the lucky dog and owner win the grand prize!


Why Choose American Hole ‘n One for your Baseball Promotion

American Hole ‘n One is a leader in the insured prize promotions industry. You’ll find that we insure much more than hole-in-one contests. Our portfolio of coverage spans a variety of sports promotions, including baseball.


Our clients love working with us because of our friendly, helpful, and responsive team. We’ll guide you through the entire process, ensuring your baseball promotion is a complete success. For your peace of mind, we are underwritten by an A+ rated carrier and cover thousands of prizes annually.

Benefits of Baseball Contests

A baseball promotion can excite, engage, and attract a larger audience as fans test their luck. Many sponsors look at baseball promotions to generate brand awareness. For example, the baseball promotion could be sponsored by a local or national company and signage could be created around the baseball field to promote the contest. Fans will engage with the brand numerous times throughout the games as the contest is promoted throughout the baseball field.

Types of Prizes for Baseball Promotions

Prizes are an important factor of any baseball promotion as they generate buzz and increase attendance at your event. With the help from American Hole ‘n One, you can advertise the chance to win big prizes like vacations, season tickets, cars, and more! With baseball contest coverage, you’ll pay just a small fraction of the cost of one of these prizes, while reaping the benefits of advertising the chance to win big prizes.

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American Hole ‘n One provides risk-free coverage for your baseball contest. Get fans engaged and attract sponsors by advertising the chance to win big prizes during the baseball game.


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