Direct Mail Promotions

Increase Response Rates with Direct Mail Promotions!

Looking for a way to effortlessly grow your business? With Direct Mail Promotions, you can reach a broader audience to promote your products and services in a way that’s unique and eye catching.

To make an impact on your target audience, it’s no surprise that your direct mail piece must stand out and grab attention in the mail pile. If not, your direct mail piece will get lost in the shuffle or end up in the garbage. With the help from our team, we’ll create direct mail promotions that entice, excite, and get people involved. These unique promotions get people excited about your products as they offer the best call to action – the chance to win a huge prize!

We offer a wide range of proven direct mail promotions including number matches, key mailers and newspaper inserts that can be customized for your audience. Our direct mail clients tell us over and over we have increased their response rates over 300%!

Whether you are a car dealer, retailer, restaurant, university, real estate company, time share, financial institution, mobile phone provider or in any other industry using direct mail, we guarantee our promotions are cost-effective and will maximize the return on investment of your marketing dollars. Thousands of clients turn to our contests and prizes for their direct mail promotions to rise above the mailbox clutter!

Learn more about our direct mail promotions, then contact our team to start planning an attention-grabbing campaign that drives results.

Number Match

Drive traffic to your location with a number match promotion. Contestants compare the number printed on their mail piece to the winning number posted at the sponsor location. If anyone redeems the winning numbered mail piece - they win that prize.

Key Mailer

Increase response and drive results with a lucky key promotion. Your direct mail campaigns will be sent with a key attached. If a key unlocks the lock – the recipient wins the grand prize! This is a great direct mail promotion that gets people into your location and a popular promotion among dealerships because you can offer the chance to win a new car!

Newspaper Insert

As one of our most popular direct mail promotions, you can drive traffic to your location with a number match newspaper promotion. Contestants compare the number printed on their newspaper insert to the winning number posted at the sponsor’s location. If anyone redeems the winning numbered newspaper insert - they win that prize.

Direct Mail Promotion Packages Include:

As the direct mail promotion experts, we offer several customized solutions that ensure your promotion is a huge success. Each of our promotion packages include:

  • Customized Contest and Prize Ideas Targeted for your Audiences
  • Turn-key Client Execution Package - Contestant rules, copy disclaimers, event checklist and winner affidavit
  • Prize Bonds and Registration - Florida, New York and Rhode Island
  • 24” x 30” Customized POP Prize Board


Why Choose Us for Direct Mail Promotions

If you want to run a direct mail promotion, but are worried about fulfilling the grand prize, we are here to help. For just a small fee, you can get coverage if someone should win your direct mail promotion. American Hole ‘n One will assume the financial and legal risks associated with your contest, so you won’t have to worry about fulfillment of the prize. For your peace of mind, each direct mail promotion is underwritten by Great American Insurance Group which offers A+ rated coverage.

We provide personalized attention around the clock – 24-hours a day. Our team will guide you through the process of planning and executing a direct mail promotion that drives results, grabs attention, and generates brand awareness.

With over 30 years of experience in the contest and promotional industry, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your campaign is a huge success.

Contact American Hole ‘n One to Learn More about Direct Mail Promotions

Regular direct mail pieces can get lost in the shuffle or thrown in the garbage. To really draw attention to your direct mail campaign and get prospects to open and read your message, you must create a promotion that gets their attention. With our direct mail promotions, you can incorporate exciting promotions that tie into your business. Offer big prizes like trips for two, exotic vacations, season tickets to a sporting event, cash prizes, and more!

Want to learn more about our direct mail promotions to see how our capabilities can benefit your business? Get in touch with American Hole ‘n One to start planning a successful campaign that entices and attracts your core audience. We look forward to helping you make your direct mail promotion a huge success!