Hockey Promotions and Contest Coverage

Take advantage of our hockey contest coverage and watch it drive traffic, increase sales & help your brand gain exposure!


American Hole ‘n One offers a variety of hockey promotions and hockey sweepstakes that create excitement, generate publicity, and develop effective sponsorship packages at all levels of competition. These hockey contests can be incorporated into pee-wee and professional games, customized to your unique needs. For a small investment, our hockey contest coverage protects you from legal and financial risks. This way, you can offer big hockey sweepstakes prizes like trips for two, cash prizes, cars, trucks, and more!



We have a dedicated team that will help you plan engaging hockey sweepstakes and hockey promotions like the score shot and rapid fire. These hockey contests are sure to entertain and excite your audience!


A fan favorite hockey promotion! Have your contestant line up at the far blue line or center ice. If they can successfully make their shot through a target opening and into the open net, they win!


The dot to dot shot is one of the most exciting hockey promotions and sure to get your audience on their feet. Have contestants attempt to shoot a puck diagonally across the ice from one face off dot to the other. If the puck lands directly on top of the opposite face off dot, you have a winner!


Rapid fire is the perfect hockey contest during an intermission. Have your lucky finalist line up at center ice. They will have 20 seconds to make 20 goals into an open net. If they can make all 20 shots, they skate away a grand prize winner!


If a player on the home team scores a goal during the designated period and exact time predicted before the start of the game, one lucky fan wins the grand prize!


The play that pays allows you to create your own hockey promotion! Designate an occurrence for each period. Example: 1st Period: Goalie Goal, 2nd Period: Hat Trick, etc. If the specific event occurs in the designated period, a lucky fan wins big!


Tired of shooting at targets? Have your contestant line up at the goal line. Bank 2 or 3 hockey pucks off the dasher boards and into the open net and you have a winner!


Why Choose American Hole ‘n One for your Hockey Contest Coverage

American Hole ‘n One is the leading prize indemnity business. With over 30 years of experience in the sports promotion industry, our professional trained team will provide you with personalized attention. To get started, we’ll listen to your goals and what you want to accomplish with your hockey promotion. Next, we’ll walk you through the process, so you can plan a successful hockey contest that drives traffic and increases your brand exposure. Plus, with around the clock, 24-hour access to our customer service team, you’ll always be kept in the loop.


Benefits of Hockey Contest Coverage & Hockey Promotions

Want to run a successful hockey contest, but are worried you’ll have to fulfill the prize if someone should win? We understand! With hockey contest coverage from American Hole ‘n One, you can pay a small fee and get covered. If someone should win the hockey contest, we’ll take care of fulfillment of the prize. This way, you can advertise big prizes like vacations and cars at your next hockey game, without assuming the legal and financial risks.


Our promotions are designed to get your audience on their feet and engaged. These hockey-themed promotions generate buzz on ice and in the stands. From rapid fire to score shot and more, each of our hockey contest are exciting, engaging, and sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience!


As your dedicated partner, we’ll guide you through the process whether it’s your first time holding a hockey contest or tenth.


Prizes for Hockey Promotions

With hockey contest coverage from American Hole ‘n One, the prize options for hockey contests are truly endless. From exotic trips, to trucks and cars, cash prizes, and season tickets, there’s plenty to offer your fans at the next hockey game. Our team will help you create a customized prize package that’s targeted towards your audience and fits your budget. We’d love to hear your ideas for hockey contest prizes!


Get Hockey Contest Coverage at American Hole ‘n One

Trust the experts at American Hole ‘n One to provide you with comprehensive coverage for your next hockey promotion. For your peace of mind, we work with A+ rated Great American Insurance Group, so you’ll get the best coverage offered. Along with our superior customer service, we can help you create high-quality full-color signage that promotes your hockey contest and your sponsors. Our quick turnaround times from our in-house printing facility make it easy to get signage on tight deadlines.


Call us today to learn more about our exciting hockey promotions and how our hockey contest coverage can benefit you.