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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Elevating Tournaments with Grand Prizes

Organizing a golf tournament offers a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for…

The Best Hole in Ones of All Time


A hole in one is the biggest accomplishment for a golfer to achieve, but could you imagine sinking one during tournament play in front of a thousand people? The added pressure of the crowd must make it that much more memorable!

Over the years, there have been numerous hole in ones that are worthy of the title “best hole in ones of all time.” Check out which ones were uncovered and decide which one you think is the best!

David Toms - 2001 PGA Championship

Talk about a thrill! Toms was playing in the 83rd PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Duluth, GA. Toms and Mickelson were paired together for the final group, and they battled all day for the lead. If either one of them won, it would be their first major win. So, here’s the nitty gritty on one of the best hole in ones of all time! Toms lined up for what would be the shot of lifetime on hole 15. With his 5-wood from 245 yards, he drilled his shot and the ball bounced into the hole with such ease.  Take a look at Toms’ Best Hole In One of All Time:


Tiger Woods - 1997 Waste Management Phoenix Open

This is probably the most talked about non-major hole in one of all time! Possibly, even the most famous ever. It was at TPC Scottsdale on hole 16. He took his shot just like any other and watched it sail into the hole making it one of the best hole in ones of all time. The crowd claimed it started raining when it happened; however, everyone was so excited that they started throwing their beer bottles in the air! Watch the top hole in one ever here:



Fuzzy Zoeller at 2006 Allianz Championship

Someone was looking out for Zoeller on his hole in one! This might be the craziest shot we have seen in golf history. After being stationary for almost 3 seconds, the ball defied the Laws of Physics and rolled into the hole. To understand what we mean, you will have to watch the incredible hole in one video for yourself:


Martin Kaymer - 2012 Masters Practice

Did you love skipping rocks on the water as a kid? Then, this shot will blow your mind. Kaymer was warming up at a Monday practice for the Masters in 2012 when he did the unthinkable. He was able to skip the ball across the water hazard onto the green where the ball gracefully made its way to the hole. This one tops the charts as one of the best hole in ones of all time!


Mark Eaton – 2009 Celebrity Classic

To be honest, the reaction of the crowd is probably what makes this one of the best hole in ones to watch! Everyone went wild as Eaton took off running towards the hole as someone in a blue sweater runs right after him, and they tackle each other to the ground. He not only walks away with epic bragging rights, but he sealed the deal on $1Million! Watch the shot firsthand here:


Phil Mickelson - 2008 Scottish Open

Mickelson is definitely a fan favorite. If you haven’t seen Phireside with Phil, check it out now! It’s hilarious! However, Mickelson hit the most graceful hole in one at the 2008 Scottish Open placing him on the list of the best hole in ones of all time. Watch it right now!


Vijay Singh’s – 2009 Masters Hole in One

Vijay Singh makes the list of best hole in ones of all time by also being able to skip the ball across the water. One would think that when the ball hits the water, it would sink like a rock because it isn’t flat. Well in this case, it skipped 5+ times, landed on the green, and slowly rolled its way to the hole. Like a kid in a candy store, everyone rejoices for him because it was such a wicked shot! Sinking an ace like this one awards him a spot on the list of the best hole in ones of all time. View his shot here:


James Kingston – 2002 Dunhill Championship

Luck doesn’t even begin to describe Kingston’s hole in one at the 2002 Dunhill Championship. One would normally consider a tree being a hazard of the game, but Kingston was able to use it in his favor. Like in the game of pool, he used the tree to ricochet the ball back into play and into the hole! Who even knew that was possible? Video evidence is available:


Mike Crean – Longest Known Hole in One

Par 5 aces are often extremely rare, but that wasn’t the case for Mike Crean. On Independence Day in 2002, he teed off with his normal driver on hole 9 at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver, Colorado. This hole sits at a whopping 517 yards – we are still in shock about this one. Because of the distance, he didn’t immediately know he made a hole in one. He drove the hole looking for the ball. Not a soul saw it fall into the hole, but there it was! He and his three playing partners filed affidavits declaring the hole in one, and it is recognized in the US Golf Register today!


So, which one do you think should be awarded the best hole in one of all time?


We can’t decide but would love to hear from you on your picks!

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