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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Elevating Tournaments with Grand Prizes

Organizing a golf tournament offers a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for…

What is Closest to the Pin?

Have you ever witnessed a Closest to the Pin contest? It is another crowd-generating competition that we offer to hold at your charity golf tournament. And just like a Hole In One contest, the Closest to the Pin contest takes place on a par 3 hole. Typically, both contests will be held on the same hole as well.


The Closest to the Pin contest is very popular and will give you a guaranteed winner, which everyone loves to see! While this contest is most commonly played at charity tournaments, it can also be played by a group of golfers for a friendly wager.


Here’s how Closest to the Pin contests run at golf tournaments:

  • The Tournament Director will select one par 3 hole
  • The prize will be named
  • Order of golfers taking a shot will be determined
  • Proxy markers will be used mark each balls position
  • A tape is used to measure the shots that are close
  • At the end of the last round, the proxy marker closest to the hole and the final name on the proxy marker is the winner of the grand prize.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Be sure to have a measuring tape on hand to ensure accuracy with shots that are very close.
  • Hold a contest for men and a contest for women.


The Closest to the Pin contest is another way to bring additional excitement to your tournament and, in turn, will attract more sponsors and participants. Call us today to add-on this contest to your Hole in One contract!


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