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Now on the Tee: Gabrielle Gibson - Professional Golfer
Now on the Tee: Gabrielle Gibson - Professional Golfer

Now on the Tee: Gabrielle Gibson - Professional Golfer

Welcome to part 3 of, “Now on the Tee”, an interview series where we delve into the remarkable journeys of women golfers who have embraced…

Essential Golf Items You Can’t Swing Without On The Golf Course

Found yourself with a ripped glove or lack of enough golf tools? Wish you had everything in your small bag before you hit the course? Well, there are many golfers that don't prepare themselves with necessary golf items. Thus, they end up making their day unpleasant and stressful. To help you in making your golf day memorable, here is the list of essential items.

1. Golf Towel

The towel is one of the important accessories you can't afford to miss. Having two pairs of clean towels will help you to remain comfortable the whole day. You can use one golf towel to clean your clubs. The other one can be your best partner when the sun hits the direct spot. 

2. Golf Glove 

This is an important part of your golf bag for a good reason. When you hit the course just to see a ripped glove, it can be unpleasant. This is why it's a good idea to keep an extra pair of golf gloves in your bag. Be sure you always choose a perfect pair of golf gloves for your needs. Always have a backup with well-fitting golf gloves to get a good grip. 

3. Divot Repair Tool

Divots need the right repairing tools to make their day successful. This is why experts advise keeping a divot repair tool kit in your bag. These golf tools will help you to repair divots and keep going. This essential tool will help you to keep the green grass off your ball. 

4. Golf Rangefinder 

If you're looking to improve your game, a golf rangefinder is a must. Carrying a golf rangefinder will help you to estimate the distance of shots. This is, undoubtedly, a way to make accurate measurements when you hit the ball. If you want to play faster, make sure you secure the space for the rangefinder in your bag.

5. Instant Ice Pack

An instant ice pack will give you instant relief from unexpected accidents. Carrying the ice packs will help you give your ankle relief. Moreover, you can use those ice packs on your neck on hot days

6. Comfortable Insoles and Shoes 

If you wish to be comfortable all day, you need to choose good insoles and shoes. Sometimes one round in the course can be quite long. When the course gets busy, you have to stand for a long time on your feet. It can add to pain in your feet and legs. One of the best ways to remove such aches and pain is getting comfortable shoes. This will help you to get all-day relief and all-day comfort. 

7. Golf Hat 

Having a golf hat in your bag can make a huge difference. Whether it's rain or sun rays, having a hat on the course will go a long way. Keep in mind that a comfortable golf hat can improve your gaming too. Having the right golf ensemble will protect your face and eyes from harsh U.V. rays. 

8. Club Brush 

Last but not least, you need to pack a club brush in your golf bag. The club brush will help you to keep the club faces clean. It will remove the debris and dust particles from the club. When you have a clean golf club, this will help you to get better ball contact. 

Packing your golf bag with all the essentials will help you to improve game efficiency. Be sure you pack the items in the right golf bag to get ready for the course. Don't miss adding a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated all day. For more such information, contact us today!

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