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Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions
Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Are you a tournament director, event sponsor, or golf course representative looking to take your golf events to the next level? In the world…

Five Ways to Impress When Hosting a Golf Event

As one of America's favorite past times, Golf is a sport near and dear to many and a golf event can be a phenomenal fundraiser, a great company outing, or just an entertaining event that brings in spectators from miles around. 

Making your golf event stand out and impress your guests doesn't have to be complicated. You can incorporate a variety of different games, offer appealing prizes, and take countless other measures to ensure their event is one that is talked about for years to come. 

1. Offer Exciting Prizes

Big ticket item grand prizes like cars, a vacation, or big cash payouts are a great way to ensure significant participation in your event. 

Great prizes don't have to be limited to just the winner, either. Offering strong cash or merchandise prizes, like a new golf bag, to participants placing a little further down the rankings is a great way to make participants feel included, and make them feel more likely to get a piece of the pie. 

This increases enrollment, and ultimately makes the event more successful and entertaining. Healthy competition can bring the level of playing up as well, which makes the game all the more entertaining for spectators. 

2. Hole-in-One Contests

Prizes don't have to be limited to the top five or top ten players of the day. You can offer side contests like hole-in-one contests, where golfers who strike a hole in one on any hole can win big prizes. You can also select certain designated holes where the promotion is active, or offer it on every hole on the course. 

Participants enjoy having different ways to win prizes, and it helps keep participants engaged throughout the course of the day.

3. Make Refreshments Readily Available

While not an intense cardio sport, long hours on the course will still leave golfers feeling parched from time to time and feeling some hunger pangs. Having refreshments set up at every hole, or offering mobile carts that drive around to different groups offering food and beverages is a great way to keep participants happy and content throughout the entire day. 

Plus, who doesn't love great service? Making sure your golfers are left wanting for nothing throughout the day is a foolproof way to make sure they're having a great time. 

4. Professional Guests

Though this may not be possible for every event, if you're able to procure guest visits from professional players, it can be a very effective way to not only draw in more participants, but also increase the number of spectators who attend. 

Don’t be afraid to mention professional players who will be attending the event on advertising and marketing materials, already making their event stand out in the interested party's minds. 

5. Random Drawings

Like we said before, participants love as many opportunities as possible to win prizes. Having random drawings throughout the day for even small, fun door prizes is an easy way to up morale for the event, make participants happy, and make the event more memorable. 

Incorporate things like tee times into drawings to make the contest relevant, where instead of golfers entering their name in the drawings, they are entered by their tee times. 

Go With Hole ‘n One Coverage

Hosting a standout golf event can be easy and attainable for every size organization if they utilize prize coverage. Prize coverage allows organizations to offer large and appealing prizes while reducing their financial risk. 

Essentially, companies pay only the cost of the prize insurance, and if a participant were to hit a hole-in-one, or win a putting contest, or succeed in any other type of promotion, the prize coverage provider pays out the premium so that the organization is not on the hook. 

Prize Coverage is the perfect way for organizations to be able to add a huge splash of flair and appeal to their event without having to worry about potentially covering the costs of major promotions. 

Professional prize coverage providers can help you select the right promotions and contests to add to your golf event so that your organization gets the absolute most out of the service. Reach out today to talk about how we can make your golf event one for the history books!

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