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Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions
Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

Top 3 Golfing Apps and Tournament Management Solutions

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Funny Awards to Add to Your Next Golf Tournament

No matter if it is a tournament for charity, work, or family outing, there are things that can be done to add some friendly competition to your next golf tournament. It could be as simple as adding some funny prizes and awards that you either do or don't want to win. Not one tournament participant will complain about adding a little fun to your next golf outing, and if they do, they are probably deserving of one of the golf outing award ideas to follow.

The Livin' On the Beach Award

This is for the golfer that really just wanted to be at the beach today, and they repeatedly ended up playing in the sand. This award should be beach theme, like one of those colorful children's shovel and pail. Throw in a bag of sand so they can always be reminded of it along with any other beach products are acceptable here.

The Tree Hugger Award

This is for the golfer that can't stop hugging on the trees on any hole on the course. It's safe to say we all know that one person who has this award on lock, and just can't get that drive to stay in the fairway. Whether it's far right or far left, this golfer will find a tree no matter the location on the course. The perfect prize for this award should be leaving the award winner always thinking about this day on the course. In some circumstances, getting a real tree you have to plant outside wouldn't work, so simply getting either a fake or real mini tree for inside the house or office will do! What better way to remind them of their round of 18 than getting a potted tree for a coworkers office!

The Mulligan Award

This award winner could also be up for consideration for The Tree Hugger Award as well, so this could almost be a two for one special. The Mulligan Award will be handed out to the golfer who loses an above average amount of balls from the tee box. What other than a prize of more golf balls would be perfect for this golfer, as they just lost a majority of theirs in the water, rough, or just too lazy to look for the long lost balls. If you care to take it a step further, you can get custom phrases put on the balls so they can be reminded of their Mulligan Award next time they play.

The Gone Fishin' Award

This award winner could not stop dropping into the water, as this golfer had the most water hazards on the day. This golfer left the course with their bag a little lighter than when they arrived. As their award, get this golfer a fishing pole and some more balls for all their trouble they had in the water on the day.

The Worst Putter Award

This award is a little more straight forward, but this award will be given to the golfer whose day on the green was not one to remember. This golfer might need to go get some practice at the local putt-putt course and come back better next time. This prize should be a putting green that they could put in the office or at home to practice on.

These awards are just a few funny ideas to give you a head start at your awards ceremony for your next golf outing! Get creative with it and add more awards to this list, the possibilities are endless.

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