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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

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What Features Does a Golf Course Need to Make Your Event a Huge Success?

So, you have been awarded the task of choosing the golfing venue for your next promotional golfing event. Some would say that the 3 most important things in choosing the right golf course are, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! And for one of the attributes of the chosen course, they would be correct. Let's take a look at some other features to consider when choosing the right golf course to make your next golfing event a huge success!

Choosing an Event Location

Yes, location is important, so we will begin by choosing the location that is ideal for your event. It may mean that you want to attract a certain crowd, so you may go to the most popular course that a particular crowd attends regularly.

Perhaps there is a 'neutral' site that might be chosen to attract two golf rivals for a 'Main Event" type showdown between these two, or it may be two different schools, or just two different golfing club teams that, for lack of a better word, they despise each other, and they jump, at the chance to take part in a winner take all tournament between the two. No matter where it is!

Just keep in mind the type of crowd you are trying to appeal to, and the location will present itself!

Golf Course Features

The type of crowd you are trying to appeal to will also cue you into the type of features your golf course is going to need for the event to be a huge success. Take a look at some of these attributes of a golf course and think about how those features would enhance your event.

  • Variety of different Pars. The age and ability of the golfing crowd that you are trying to appeal to maybe a strong indicator of the pars needed to be successful. For instance, if you are looking for skilled zero handicap entrants you will want everything from a short pitch and putt par 3 to a healthy day hike par 5. On the other hand, if your crowd is a bit seasoned you might want to stick to pitch and putt nothing over par 3 format.
  • Scenic views. The scenery around the course may appeal to your next event if it is going to be covered by local television. Watch a couple of PGA Tournaments and see how the scenery plays an important role when trying to enhance the whole golf event. 
  • Driving range. If you are promoting an event where there may be two local rivals going at each other, add an event by featuring the two on a driving range competition. Or, have two rival high school teams compete in the same way. This adds a competition aspect to the already well-promoted golf tournament!
  • Clubhouses and restaurants. These two features are important for the crowd of spectators that you hope to attract. Not all golf courses have clubhouses, and not all golf courses have a restaurant. Pick a course that has just the right mix of one or both for the spectator experience aspect of your next golfing event. This could be the difference between an average event, and one that will need to take place every year for years to come!

Getting that perfect mix of features for your golfing event may take a few tries to get it right. Just think of the type of crowds that you will be attracting when advertising your 10th Annual golfing event! Yes, LOCATION is important but not the whole idea. The type of golfing event that will be successful will be the one that is billed as, 'having something for everyone!'

When you are ready to take your next golfing event to the next level, and post some massive attendance numbers, give the golfing team at American Hole in One Coverage the opportunity to generate the buzz for your next golfing event!

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