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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

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Hole In One Insurance: An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the thrill of amateur hole in one competitions, the odds of the average golfer hitting that winning shot stand at a staggering 12,500 to 1. For tournament organizers, these slim chances carry a heavy weight of financial uncertainty. Could today be the day when those odds are defied, turning excitement into a costly payout?

That’s why investing in Hole in One insurance is so important. It allows you to hold these eye-catching competitions without worrying about how you’ll pay out the prize money should one or more golfers make the lucky shot.

This comprehensive guide dives deep into the world of Hole in One insurance. We'll unravel the complexities of how it works, discuss potential costs, and explore why American Hole ‘n One is the ideal partner for all your Hole in One insurance needs. So, whether you're a seasoned organizer or new to the game, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to navigate the ins and outs of this essential coverage, ensuring your event is a hit, both on and off the green.

What Is Hole In One Insurance?

Hole One (HIO) insurance is a specific type of insurance called “Prize Indemnity,” designed to cover risks associated with Hole in One contests featured in golf tournaments. These contests can help golf tournaments in a number of ways, including increasing participation, adding crowd excitement, and boosting fundraising at golf tournaments. These golf events can range from a small local charity event all the way to PGA or LIV events, and everything in between.

This insurance allows tournaments to offer large prizes, such as cash, cars, or vacations, without the risk of having to pay out these prizes from their own funds. Instead, a company like American Hole ‘n One assumes the responsibility of paying the prize if a golfer manages to hit a hole in one on an insured prize hole at the event.

What Kinds of Competitions Can “Prize Indemnity” Cover at a Golf Event?

Although it will depend on the specific company offering the HIO insurance, here are some examples of what  American Hole ‘n One will insure at golf events:

What Are the Benefits of Hole In One Competitions?

Hole in one contests are popular with fans, players, and tournament organizers alike. Here are just a few ways they can help make a tournament more successful:

  • Boost sponsor visibility: Sponsors get more exposure during high-interest moments like a hole in one challenge, making it a valuable marketing opportunity. 
  • Attract more participants: The excitement of potentially winning a big prize draws more players to the event, meaning higher registration revenues and a larger, more enthusiastic audience.
  • Create a memorable event: A hole in one competition adds a unique and thrilling element to the tournament, which can boost social media exposure and win over repeat attendees.
  • Garner more media attention: The prospect of a dramatic, high-stakes moment attracts media coverage, increasing the tournament's public profile and reach.

How Does Hole In One Insurance Work?

HIO insurance is unique among insurance types, so here is a quick rundown on how you could go about securing coverage for your event.

  1. Outline competition basics: Decide on the type of contest, what the value of the prize will be, what golf course will be hosting the event, which hole number the contest will be held on, and how many golfers will be participating. Insurers will need this information to get you a rate for your coverage.
  2. Purchase the insurance: HIO insurance can be purchased by anyone involved in the contest for the event, including the tournament organizers, golf course, or the hole or prize sponsor.
  3. Appoint witnesses: Depending on the prize value for this contest, you may need one or more official witnesses to observe the event. You can learn more about how many witnesses you might need and who qualifies in our article on official witnesses
  4. Host the tournament: Enjoy the day, and if a lucky golfer defies the odds, celebrate alongside them, knowing your HIO insurance covers the prize.
  5. File a claim: In the event of a hole in one, let American Hole ‘n One know about it by filing a claim. We’ll handle the rest.

Still have questions? Feel free to message us, and we’d be happy to answer your questions. Or, take a look at this more in-depth explanation of how HIO insurance works

How Much Does Hole In One Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, there are many different variables to consider when rating hole in one coverage, so there is no way to give you a blanket estimate of what one of these contests costs. However, we can share what factors our underwriters examine to determine the cost of HIO insurance so you can get an idea of why premiums cost what they do.

  1. Number of participants: The number of golfers represents the number of shots being taken at the insured prize. Therefore, as you would expect, the premium fluctuates up or down based on this number.  
  2. Cash value of the prize: This valuation is the amount of risk the HIO Company is being asked to pay out in the event of a hole in one. These values impact the premium the same as any other insurance. The higher the value, the more risk there is, thus creating a higher premium. 
  3. Distance of the shot: The length of the shot impacts the risk to the HIO company. The premium will be lower on longer shots since the risk is reduced, and it will be higher on shorter shots as the risk is increased.

 For other kinds of golf contests, the exact criteria may change slightly, but the underlying principles will remain the same. Premiums will be impacted by how much the payout is worth and how likely it is someone will win the prize.

The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost for your upcoming golf HIO contest is to contact us and get a personalized quote. At American Hole ‘n One, it’s a fast and easy process, available online or by calling our experienced team of Golf Excitement Specialists.   

Why Choose American Hole 'n One for HIO Insurance?

When it comes to Hole in One insurance, American Hole ‘n One is your best choice for several reasons. Not only are we the market leader for prize indemnity, but we also have experienced staff that have been working with these kinds of policies for over 40 years.

And that’s not all. Here’s why you should trust you should work with American Hole ‘n One for your next golf event:

  • Nationwide and international coverage: We are fully licensed in all 50 states, plus Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
  • High-risk capacity: We can offer coverage up to $25 million per event.
  • Fully reinsured: All coverage is fully insured by Everest National Insurance Company (AM Best A+, S&P A+)
  • In-house printing: Our state-of-the-art printing facility allows for quick turnaround times and higher-quality signage for your events.
  • Exclusive high-end bonus prizes: When you insure with American Hole ‘n One, you also get access to exclusive bonus prizes for hole in one contests at all additional par 3 holes at your event, at no additional cost.
  • Complimentary golfer appreciation cards: Every golfer at your event will receive an appreciation card filled with valuable savings from our exclusive partners at no extra charge to you. 
  • Golf expertise: Our team consists of golf enthusiasts who understand the ins and outs of HIO insurance, so you don’t have to.

 All of this makes American Hole ‘n One the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your Hole in One insurance needs.

Get Insurance for Your Next Hole In One Event

When it comes to golf, nothing is more exciting than an amazing hole in one event. However, putting on these events can be a bit daunting if you’ve never done it before. That’s why our HIO insurance package comes with everything you need. 

This includes:

  • Main prize insurance
  • Main prize sign
  • HIO contest and Bonus prizes for all additional par 3 holes
  • Signs for additional all par 3 holes
  • Golfer appreciation cards
  • Automatic coverage for multiple hole in one winners (unless otherwise stated)
  • And more…

 If you’re interested in getting HIO insurance from American Hole ‘n One for your next tournament, you can get a quote online by answering just a few short questions.

You can also call 800-822-2257 to speak to one of our Golf Excitement Specialists at any time. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about how we can make your next golf tournament memorable.

HIO Insurance FAQs

Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Take a look at our FAQ page or call us at 800-822-2257.  

What if the number of players changes unexpectedly?

Any change above 10% of the total number of players needs to be reported to American Hole ‘n One. Anything less than this will continue to be insured normally.

What if a tournament is unexpectedly delayed?

As long as no shots were taken, the competition can be moved to a new date at no extra cost.

Can pros participate in the competition?

Yes, just let us know in advance the number of pro golfers that are participating.


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