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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Elevating Tournaments with Grand Prizes

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How Hole-in-One Insurance Works for Event Organizers

Welcome to the world of hole-in-one insurance, where the excitement of a perfect shot is met with the practicality of mitigating risk. Yet, navigating the complexities of hole-in-one insurance can often feel like teeing off blindfolded. So, how does it really work? In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step explanation on how hole in one insurance works for event organizers and sponsors.

Step 1: Understanding Hole-in-One Insurance

Hole-in-one insurance is a type of prize indemnity insurance    specifically designed for golf tournaments and promotions. It offers financial protection to tournament organizers or sponsors who wish to award a valuable prize, typically a cash prize or a high-value item like a car, in the event a participant achieves a hole-in-one during the tournament. The insurance provider covers the cost of the prize awarded.

Step 2: Select an Insurance Provider

It’s essential to select a reputable insurance provider specializing in hole-in-one insurance. Finding the right partner that best fits your needs is crucial. The insurance provider should offer flexible coverage options, and a track record of reliability in settling claims promptly.

American Hole ‘n One (“AHNO”) has been the largest and most trusted provider of hole in one insurance since 1986. We take pride in delivering friendly service, comprehensive hole in one coverage and prize coverage, and high-quality event signage that generates excitement for golfers, event attendees, and sponsors alike. We are underwritten by A+ XV rated Everest National Insurance Company, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Step 3: Determine Prize Value and Hole Location

Once you’ve selected a trusted insurance provider, they will evaluate the risk and determine the value of the prize to be awarded.  Factors such as the cash value of the prize(s), the number of participants, and the yardage/distance of the shot on the prize hole all influence the insurance premium. With this information, the coverage amount will be determined. For instance, offering a luxury car as a prize on a short par-3 hole will entail a higher premium compared to a small cash prize on a long par-3 hole.  

Step 4: Tailor the Policy to Suit Your Needs

Working closely with the chosen insurance provider, event directors or sponsors can customize the insurance policy to align with their specific requirements. This may include specifying the coverage period, defining the conditions for a valid hole-in-one, and determining the payout structure in case of a successful shot. The majority of prizes for hole-in-one contests are sponsored, so you may be able to find a sponsor that fronts the cost of the hole in one coverage.

AHNO offers all-inclusive Hole In One Insurance packages to fit any budget. Our hole in one insurance rates ensure that no matter how small your golf tournament is, you can get comprehensive hole in one coverage. Those who are planning large-scale golf tournaments with elaborate prizes will pay a higher premium price, however, we will always ensure that our flexible coverage fits your budget. We have helped tournament organizers come up with a number of exciting prize packages, like trips for two to exotic vacations, golf equipment, cash prizes, cars and more. We can insure just about anything, so it’s customized to your unique needs.

Exclusively with AHNO, you’ll also receive a complimentary sign package, which includes the highest quality golf event signage for the main prize hole, along with additional bonus prizes for the other par 3's at the event, at no cost to you. We’ve worked very closely with our partners to bring top of the line prizes like a $750 TRUE gift card, a GolfForever 3-In-1 Golf Training System + 2 Year Coaching App Access, a $1,000 credit to Revo Sunglasses and more!

Step 5: Communicate the Prize and Rules Clearly

Promoting a substantial grand prize not only draws in more participants, but it also garners enthusiasm from sponsors who appreciate the visibility gained through a sizable event. Ensuring transparency and preventing misunderstandings is crucial; it's important to clearly communicate the prize details and rules of the hole-in-one contest to all participants and event coordinators. This includes outlining the eligibility criteria, such as whether the tournament is open to amateurs or professionals, and any additional terms and conditions associated with the prize.

American Hole ‘n One requires a minimum yardage of 135 yards for any main prize coverage. Any hole featuring a bonus prize must be played from a minimum of 100 yards. For professional golfers to qualify for any hole-in-one prize(s), notification of their participation is necessary, with additional charges applicable. While an official witness is recommended for contests with prize values under $5,000, it's not mandatory. Contests with prize values exceeding $5,000 must have 1-2 official witnesses, depending on the prize value. Please refer to the warranties and conditions page in your contract for specific requirements.

Step 6: Enjoy the Event and Manage Claims

During the golf tournament, participants will take their shots at the designated hole, aiming for that elusive ace. In the event that a player successfully makes a hole-in-one according to the predetermined criteria, the tournament organizer will need to submit a claim and the insurance provider will be responsible for fulfilling the prize as outlined in the policy. Tournament organizers can then focus on celebrating the achievement and ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

American Hole ‘n One makes the claims process simple. If someone lands a hole-in-one during the golf tournament on the main prize hole or the bonus prize hole, the tournament director or sponsor should notify the claims department of AHNO by submitting the form at no later than the first business day after the event.

Partner with American Hole ‘n One

Our team of professionally trained Golf Excitement Specialists will walk you through the most comprehensive Hole In One Insurance package options to help protect your budget and reputation. We are your one-stop shop for all your golf tournament needs, from prize indemnity coverage to on-course signage. Each year, we pay out over $3 million in prizes. Planning a golf tournament involves many moving parts, and hole-in-one insurance is one aspect that should not be overlooked. Get in touch with us today for further details and support in securing hole-in-one insurance!


About American Hole ‘n One

Founded in 1986, American Hole ‘n One (AHNO) revolutionized the golf promotions industry. Since the beginning, AHNO has been dedicated to serving each and every client with complete commitment to their promotion needs. As the company began to grow, our division Grand Prize Promotions (GPP) emerged to provide promotions for sporting events that could meet any business’ needs. Our 15,000 square foot, in-house print shop, offers the highest quality signage to our esteemed clientele. Located in historic downtown Buford, GA, AHNO has grown into the world’s largest hole in one insurance provider and event promotions company. Insured by A+ XV rated Everest National Insurance Company, American Hole ‘n One is dedicated to assisting clients in accomplishing their goals and making sure every event is a success!

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