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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Elevating Tournaments with Grand Prizes

Organizing a golf tournament offers a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for…

Tips for Making Your Golf Tournament Goodie Bag

Customers usually turn to American Hole in One Coverage for the grand prize promotional end of their next golf tournament. Today, however, we are turning our attention to the golf tournament goodie bag.

In this post, we are going to offer some valuable tips for what to put in your golf goodie bag, as well as some of the best gifts for a golf goodie bag. Let's 'tee it up' by looking at what to put in your goodie bag that will give the player something of value while promoting your golf tournament.

1. Sleeve of Golf Balls

This is a gift that any golfer will appreciate. Some golfers may even be headed to the pro shop before the tournament begins to put a few more balls in their bag.

Take this opportunity to offer the players in the tournament a sleeve of golf balls with either the tournament logo or the name of the golf course hosting the tournament. You can also have one of the tournament sponsors offset the cost of these golf balls by having their logo imprinted on each ball.

Golf balls are like billboards that can be held in the golfer's hand!

2. Tees and Markers


Another staple of a solid goodie bag is of course golf ball tees and golf ball markers. Many promotional companies have these items prepackaged for your event and that packaging is also another blank canvas for promotional advertising of the tournament or course.

Another approach to this item is making your own. Tees and markers can be purchased relatively cheap, and you can toss a few packages of each in a zip lock bag. Then go that extra mile and add a few discount coupons to the hosting course pro shop or any local business looking for a piece of the promotional pie!

3. Golf Tournament T-Shirt

Who doesn't love a t-shirt? This is a golden opportunity to put together an item for your golf goodie bag that will promote the event, the hosting course, and remind everyone that there is another one coming at that time next year.

T-shirt vendors will often donate these t-shirts as their part of promoting the event. On the other hand, you might find a vendor who will donate the t-shirts and a screen printing vendor that may offer the printing of those shirts for promotional consideration. 

Get creative, everybody loves t-shirts!

4. Golf Towel

Ask any golfer how many golf towels they have at any given moment. Several, that's how many. Golfers like the idea of having a clean towel hanging from their bag for any number of reasons. Need a quick shine on your 7 iron? Grab your golf towel. Need to clean a bit of moisture from your golf ball? Grab your golf towel. Need to bury your head in shame after that last shot? Grab your golf towel. You get the idea.

Golf towels are also another area that can prominently display the logo of any contributing vendor. Ask around and see who wants their name on every player's golf towel? This should be a relatively easy one to attain.

5. Food Fuel

Ask a local grocer to participate by donating bottled water, fruit, or granola bars. Some have even put energy drinks, and energy bars into their golf goodie bags.

Again, this is an area to let your creativity shine once again!

Add Your Touch to The Goodie Bag

Another goodie bag favorite is coupons and discounts from local restaurants and other food vendors. Most of these vendors have coupons at the ready for just such an occasion.

Don't be afraid to get creative, and don't forget to either call or go by the American Hole in One Coverage website for all grand prize promotional considerations! We look forward to partnering with you for your next golfing event!

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