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Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?
Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Why Do Tournament Organizers Need Hole in One Insurance?

Elevating Tournaments with Grand Prizes

Organizing a golf tournament offers a unique opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for…

What You Can Win: Some of the Best Hole in One Prizes

Offering a unique hole in one prize package is the perfect way to stir up excitement at any golf tournament! Not only will offering big prizes that golfers can get the chance to win attract attendees, but it also provides the perfect sponsorship opportunity so your organization can reach its fundraising goals.

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American Hole ‘n One is proud to be the leading hole in one insurance provider. We can help you come up with attention-grabbing prizes packages that attract golfers and create lasting impressions on event goers for years to come. Discover some of the best hole in one prizes and see how American Hole ‘n One can provide you with affordable rates on insurance for hole in one prizes.

Cash Hole In One Prizes

In many cases, cash is king, and cash hole in one prizes can be extremely enticing as it appeals to everyone. Imagine promoting your event with a hole in one contest that pays thousands of dollars as a grand prize! This is sure to get people talking about your event.

One of the largest, and arguably most popular, hole in one contests is the million dollar shootout. With a million dollars at stake, a shootout can provide an unforgettable experience for golfers, courses, and sponsors combined. In addition to creating buzz amongst the golfing community, million dollar shootouts tend to generate buzz from sponsors, as companies look for opportunities to put their names next to such exciting and large prizes. Plus, golfers will return to tournaments year after year with the hope of taking home the grand prize!

Our cash prizes are also a great way to benefit a foundation or charity that’s near and dear to your heart. Perhaps you are holding a charity event and would like to raise even more money for that particular organization. With a 50/50 shootout or hole in one contest, half of the money can go towards the charity, while the other half is given to the winner, making it the perfect win-win situation.

Vacations as Hole In One Prizes

Another popular hole in one prize gives golfers the opportunity to win a vacation or a trip for two. Sometimes event organizers will develop their trip around a theme, like a trip to the Masters or a one of the top golf courses like Pebble Beach, while others just advertise the winnings as a relaxing week-long vacation or a weekend getaway. Vacation hole in one prizes can be either domestic, international, or include a cruise. While vacation prize packages usually cover airfare and accommodations, some vacation prize packages include all-inclusive expenses paid like meals and drinks.

Cars and Motorcycles as Hole in One Prizes

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How would you like to win a brand new car, truck, or motorcycle? Hole in one prize packages that include an automobile or motorcycle are the perfect way to attract both participants and an audience. Offering a car or motorcycle prize for a hole in one is also the perfect way for local dealerships to be involved and get local press. Depending on your budget, you can advertise a high-end luxury vehicle like a Porsche or Mercedes, a more affordable vehicle like a Honda or Ford, or even a popular motorcycle like a Harley-Davidson.

Custom Hole in One Prize Packages

Imagine promoting your hole in one contest with not just one, but multiple hole in one prize packages! You can advertise a trip for two with $5,000 in spending money, a car that comes along with $5,000 in cash for gas, tickets to a special event or concert along with a trip, and more! With the help from American Hole ‘n One, the options for custom prize packages are endless. You can create the perfect prize package that complements your golf tournament theme and creates a lasting impression on golfers, venues, and sponsors for years to come.

Insurance for Hole in One Prizes

It’s no surprise that things can get pricey when offering extravagant prizes like vacations and cars. If you can’t imagine footing the bill for an exotic vacation for two, a million dollar shootout, or new Porsche, you’ll want to consider insurance for hole in one prizes.

American Hole ‘n One provides comprehensive hole in one insurance, so you don’t have to pay out expensive prizes if there is a winner. With our hole in one coverage, we assume full responsibility and fulfill all of the prizes agreed within the terms and conditions, so you can reap all of the benefits of holding a contest, without having to worry about the risk and costs associated with costly grand prizes. Plus, with rates as low as $99, hole in one insurance is affordable and offers endless benefits to your tournament.

Why Choose American Hole ‘n One for Hole in One Insurance

While there are many hole in one insurance providers, American Hole ‘n One offers the best hole in one prizes and customer service, so your event can be a huge success. See why American Hole ‘n One is the best choice when it comes to hole in one insurance.

Quick and Easy Quotes: Simply provide us with the number of golfers that will participate in the contest, yardage for the shootout, and cash value of your prize and we’ll develop a custom quote.

Added Value: Every quote includes prize coverage, signage, and bonus prizes.

Dedicated Support: Our Golf Excitement Specialists are always standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding your customized hole in one insurance rate.

Multiple Winners Covered: You’ll receive automatic coverage for multiple winners on the same hole at no additional cost.

Contact American Hole ‘n One for Insurance for Hole In One Prizes

If you’re ready to start planning your hole in one contest, get in touch with the team at American Hole ‘n One to discuss your hole in one prize options and capabilities. 

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