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What is Hole in One Insurance?

Hosting a golf tournament is a great way to draw crowds, and no tournament is complete without a hole in one contest! You'll draw the biggest crowds with exciting grand prizes. But if someone makes the hole in one, companies and organizations may not be prepared to pay the full cost of the prize. That's where Hole in One Insurance comes in. Event planners design the event and choose the perfect prize for the competition, and Hole in One Insurance pays the price if someone wins. It's easy to budget for the small cost of insurance without the stress of paying the prize money if someone wins.

To draw a big crowd without breaking the bank, spend a small amount on Hole in One Insurance. If someone wins, we pick up the tab for the prize. Your organization won't be obligated to pay any additional amount if someone wins the prize. Hole in one insurance allows you to offer bigger prizes and draw larger crowds to your event. You'll get maximum exposure for your event without breaking the bank. This is the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your event and build excitement!


What Does Hole in One Insurance Cover?

How does hole in one insurance work?

When you plan your event, specify the number of participants in your tournament, select the par 3 holes and yardage for the main prize hole in one, and provide the cash value of your grand prize. We'll provide coverage for any type of prize, ensuring the prize is perfectly customized for your event. We'll give you an exact quote for your cost, so you'll know exactly how much the prize will cost up front. Then, after signing a contract, we'll deliver a complete package to the golf course, complete with a main prize sign, up to 3 additional bonus prize signs for other par 3 holes, and bonus prizes! 


How does hole in one coverage protect you?

It's unusual, but not completely unexpected, for someone to win the prize. If someone does win at your competition, we'll protect you by paying the cash value of the prize in full. You won't have to cover any part of the cost other than the agreed upon quote. This saves your organization from a large, unexpected expense, and you won't have to worry about any deductibles, fine print, or other clauses that result in you having to pay for part of the prize. You'll be free to enjoy the event knowing that all expenses were expected and planned in advance.


What types of events does hole in one insurance cover?

Hole in one insurance quote for golf tournament. women golf tournamentWe cover a range of golf competitions. The popular Hole in One contest selects several par 3 holes for the grand prize. If anyone gets a hole in one on one of those holes, they take home the grand prize! In addition, we also cover putting competitions and Million Dollar Shootouts, where individuals compete or qualify through a drawing to win a cash prize. Million Dollar Shootouts are a great way to set your competition apart and increase participation. If golf isn't right for your competition, we also offer options for basketball, hockey, and other contests.


How is Hole in One Insurance calculated?

Ever wonder how much hole in on insurance cost? Hole in One coverage calculates the cost of insurance based on three key factors:

  • The number of eligible players participating in the competition
  • Distance of the shot (in yards)
  • The cash value of your main prize

Based on these three factors, we'll estimate a fair hole in one insurance rate for you and send you a quote. We throw in shipping and included signage for free, so you always get a great value. To learn more about how we calculate insurance, contact us for specific information about your competition!


When should you get Hole in One Insurance?

Hole in One insurance works best for large, grand prizes with a considerable cost. For smaller prizes, it isn't always necessary to have Hole in One Insurance. Donated raffle prizes, promotional rewards, or other offerings to complement your main prize typically don't need additional coverage because of their low cost. However, if your grand prize is a considerable expense, it isn't worth the risk to your company to have to pay in full for the prize.

We recommend Hole in One Insurance for any prize with a cash value that would present a considerable cost to your company. While the exact cost may vary based on your size and marketing budget, there are a few general guidelines to help you decide if our insurance is right for you. For most mid-size businesses, when your prize is over $2,500, it's time to consider Hole in One Insurance. Most companies consider this insurance well worth the minimal cost anytime a single prize has a cash value in the mid-thousands. Above $10,000, this coverage is almost necessary to minimize the risk to your company and make the event worth your while.


What other services do you offer?

While we specialize in Hole in One contests, Million Dollar Shootouts, and putting competitions, we also offer professional golf signage to promote your event. We're your one-stop shop for the entire competition, ensuring a seamless and professional look for all your advertising and promotional needs. We offer signs to place at each tee box, sponsor signs for golf carts, and even preprinted golf balls!

american hole in one sign services for hole in on insurance coverageOur state-of-the-art professional printing facility ensures your Hole in One competition looks perfect from start to finish. Ensure future sponsorship with our large sponsor signs, and send guests home with magnets or clings to commemorate the event. Based on the look and feel of your event, we will customize each sign to fit your aesthetic for a unique and professional look. Our fast turnaround time ensures you get your signage in plenty of time, so you'll have plenty of time to create the perfect set-up.

In addition to golf tournaments, we've also helped organizations create amazing football, basketball, hockey, and baseball competitions. If you can dream it, we're here to help cover the cost! Let us help you design the perfect competition for half court shots, score predictions, and other sports promotions.


American Hole 'n One makes it easy for you

At American Hole 'n One, we offer 24/7 access to golf specialists, making it easy to pull off an incredible Hole in One competition. With over 30 years in the industry, we're a company you can trust. As we continue to grow, we commit ourselves to creating the perfect event for every customer. Our professionalism and attention to detail ensures your event creates excitement and draws a great crowd. We'll help you give away vacations, cars, cash prizes, and more without the stress of paying out of pocket. 

As the leading provider of Hole in One coverage, we work hard to ensure we exceed your expectations. From smaller events to large scale productions, we work with you every step of the way to make your contest a success. Our packages are the perfect way to increase traffic, gain exposure, and build excitement about your brand. If you have questions about your coverage, we are always ready to help. 

By providing signage, insurance coverage, and personalized assistance for every customer, we make life easy for event planners, marketing professionals, and business leaders. There's a good reason why top national companies trust us to cover their promotions year after year. Our full-service, all-inclusive coverage protects you and your business and allows you to enjoy a fun and exciting competition. To get started or learn more about Hole in One coverage, contact us today!


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